United States Government Requests More Seniors Receive COVID-19 Booster Shot

Health officials expressed concern that demand for the COVID-19 booster shot, which has been in effect since late September, is significantly lower than expected. According to the Los Angeles Times on the 5th, the California Department of Health is concerned that demand for COVID-19 booster shots will be significantly lower than expected ahead of the upcoming holiday season, leaving older adults with weakened immune systems and people with concomitant diseases. unprotected from the virus. Despite calls from the federal government for Pfizer to be vaccinated, the state health department said 230,000 doses of the vaccine were given to the elderly in early October, just 21% of the expected 1.1 million doses. Individuals with underlying medical conditions under the age of 65 received only 450,000 doses, which is only 17% of the expected 2.7 million doses. Low re-injection rates are observed throughout the state, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Central Valley. As of the end of October, it has been recorded that 27% of eligible seniors in Los Angeles County received boosters, compared with 20% in San Francisco. Only 1 in 10 (9%) of Los Angeles County nursing homes received the vaccine for their residents.

In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, experts warn because it is known that the immune effect gradually begins to decline 6 months after vaccination and 2 months after the Janssen vaccine. “It’s been almost a year since the elderly were vaccinated,” said Nabina Bova, deputy director of the San Francisco Department of Health. Show, ”he said. In fact, according to a study report published in the journal Science on April 4, a study of the effectiveness of the vaccine on 800,000 veterans vaccinated in March and September, respectively, confirmed that the effectiveness of all vaccines decreased significantly within six months. Moderna’s vaccine efficacy dropped from 89% in March to 58% in September, Pfizer dropped from 87% to 45%, and Janssen’s vaccines dropped from 86% to 13%. “There are too many people who have not yet been vaccinated and re-vaccinated,” Dr. Race Bora of Fresno County said in a recent briefing and called for vaccinations.