Undocumented Immigrants To Receive Six Figure Payout From U.S Government

The Biden administration is controversial because it is demanding $450,000 per person to be paid to undocumented immigrants caught trying to smuggle into the country. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 28th that the Biden administration’s social security budget includes $1 billion in payments to undocumented people. The WSJ said the payout could be $ 1 billion or more. Initially, undocumented families demanded $ 3.4 million per family. The policy of separating parents from undocumented children was introduced during the Obama administration. Then, under the Trump administration, the mainstream media focused on the issue and it sparked a nationwide controversy.

These undocumented immigrants sued the federal government in 2018 because their parents and children were torn apart after the Trump administration brutally suppressed them at the Mexican border in 2018. He demanded compensation, stating that the psychological trauma was great when his family was torn apart while being smuggled into the country. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a progressive group, is filing a lawsuit on behalf of undocumented families. More than 5,500 undocumented children were separated from their parents during the Trump administration, according to the ACLU. Republicans reacted immediately. Arkansas Senator Tom Carton said the robbery was “income from the psychological shock of being arrested.”